Benefits of biotin on the skin

Biotin, largely famed as vitamin B7 seven, is a member of the larger vitamin B complex group – which consists of about seven water soluble vitamins that work coherently for a number of related purposes in the human body.

Biotin keeps us healthy and young, gives glowing skin and helps to ensure we stay very attractive.  It also enhances the entire appearance of our body. Biotin plays a major role in the maintenance of healthy hair. This is the reason the vitamin has been dubbed the “hair” vitamin for its role in maintaining skin health around the clock for the whole year. A majority of pharmaceutical companies are also adding biotin to a number of their cosmetic products because of these benefits.

Biotin plays crucial role in strengthening and thickening hair cuticles as well as strengthening nails. It helps to stem possible breakages of hair especially with age as well. Deficiency of Biotin has been linked to increased hair loss.

Have Skin Issues?

Biotin has also been indicated to have a very serious impact on the overall skin health – with its deficiency being indicated to trigger a variety of skin conditions including but not limited to rashes, psoriasis as well as dermatitis and overall itchiness.  Biotin is thought to play crucial roles in the proper functioning of the nervous system as well as the hormonal balance in the body.  It is indicated that poor skin nourishment is likely to clog the system and jam the nervous system with toxins, which will unravel in the form of numerous skin complications and other health effects.

Need a Metabolism Boost?

Biotin is also a key player in improving the body’s metabolic rate – which in turn allows the body to properly nourish all of its systems and enhance the body’s health. Skin health irrevocably represents other underlying issues in the body – and thus poor health will automatically reflect itself through the skin when it strikes.

Have Dandruff?

It could be an indicator that you are suffering from biotin deficiency. Sufficient supplies of biotin should make cases of dandruff less frequent and less severe – or at least easier to handle when they show up.

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