Debunking the myths about biotin

ethereal-about-bg3Biotin is another key acid in the B-complex family, which consists of water soluble vitamins.  Also known as vitamin B7 or vitamin H, biotin is one of the vitamins that are sufficiently abound in nature allowing human beings to get just enough for what they want in their diets – and thus the incidences of deficiency, especially acute deficiencies, are extremely rare.  While a number of studies have been conducted about biotin, there are still a number of myths about this nutrient doing rounds, definitely risking misinforming innocent citizens who may have no firm understanding of what it entails. Here we look at a number of myths that are associated with this element, as well what should be treated as the truth.

Hair loss stems from biotin deficiency

Truth be told, the good God above has provided just enough of this nutrient through the foods we eat. Human beings derive enough of the required dietary content of this nutrient from their daily intake, which in turn pushes the chances of one suffering from deficiency to extremely low or almost inexistent.  With such high natural abundance, it is no doubt that the possibility of deficiency in such a naturally abundant element is just too slim. This forms the basis of the argument that cases of this nutrient’s deficiency are very small and should be carefully analyzed to arrive at a conclusion that it is indeed lacking.

Biotin is a magic pill

Truth be told, the days of miracles are long gone. No one should come to your door, or stand with all humble confidence to tell you that there exists a magic pill that can easily reverse all your problems in a day – it simply does not work. Even proven medications take time – and they only promise you results provided all the conditions are satisfied and you do what is right. There is no point in lying to you that this pill will simply stop your hair loss, reverse it and give you superb, long and healthy hair in a day or so – it just falls short of empirical evidence and logical reasoning.

Hair loss may occur due to a number of reasons and unless these underlying reasons are tackled, there is no hope that biotin will give you the masterpiece of all treatments. Biotin will only help you improve the health of your hair, but that is just as far as it can go – other exaggerations are not factual.

Taking a biotin supplement is effective

Again, just like we rubbished the idea of biotin deficiency being a common occurrence, biotin supplements are not as necessary as such. There is no point of running to a supplement of a mineral you are so less likely to suffer from its deficiency, and to which nature provides more than you need. Unless you have really gone down to the medics and proved that you are suffering from a deficiency, increasing the levels of biotin beyond what is required is not going to work – so don’t be too quick with supplements anyway.

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