Why garlic is good for hair, skin or nails

Why garlic is good for hair, skin or nails

garlicGarlic is a perfect stimulant, aphrodisiac and antiseptic. Garlic is perfect for prevention of loss of hair and stimulate hair growth. Garlic nourishes the scalp by stimulating blood circulation. Also, it relieves itchy scalp. Garlic brings sulphur: an important element of keratin (hair protein). Selenium: Trace element associated with Vitamin E to improve the hair health. Vitamins C and B: important for healthy hair. Vitamin C prevents hair breakage and also contributes to the boost Collagen (protein powerful against aging of hair, skin, and nails). Minerals include calcium that provides construction element in hair, copper that helps push hair and iron that promotes growth hair and hair maintenance.

Hop on and apply with a good head massage (with the fingertips without nails) and then allowed to absorb as long as possible before shampooing. During installation: covering her hair with a scarf to avoid to share the sweet smells of garlic that we know all. Additionally, garlic nourishing, regenerating and protective, it can be used from head to toe. A good rinsing is required to remove the remaining oil and a few small pieces of garlic 🙂 For that the apple cider vinegar to the rinse water is perfect finish. Further, garlic gives off a rather strong smell when crushed.

It is important to protect hands and nails with gloves before starting chores. To strengthen your nails, try mixing the garlic juice to your polish. You would like to have beautiful nails, but you do not have time (or money) to go for a manicure? Do not worry, you can mount your own beauty salon at home! Within minutes, you’ll be perfect, thanks to garlic, a natural remedy. In addition, experts recommend taking care of her a little every day nails because otherwise they spoil. And yes, they break and take a really ugly color, especially if you smoke. So learn the best tricks to keep beautiful nails! And there is no better thing to use than garlic.

It is further important to do the following:

Moisturize: After you washed your hands, you should apply a cream. Doing so will prevent the skin from drying and this humidify your nails. Thus they can grow healthily and above all, they will be much more resistant. This will also help you prepare for chilly months, as winter gloves and hot water do not help our nails! In summer, it will protect from the sun and chlorine pools.

Grind: Never use nail clippers! Unless they are really too long and you need to leave them level with the fingers. Instead, use a file to successfully bring them to the length you desire. This will also allow you to choose their form, round or square. This prevents that they break or crumble.

Heal: Do not cut cuticles or loosen. Indeed, this may cause an infection. It is preferable to use special creams or oils to remove cuticles. Use a wooden manicure stick and gently push them back with delicacy.

Perhaps you like to have natural, or so you always have one color varnish. Some of them, against change color depending on the clothing. In all cases, it is vital to take care of her nails. These tips are ideal to be followed at home: no need to go to a salon for a manicure. You will have beautiful and healthy nails. For that it is necessary

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